Relaxation Lifestyle Adjustable Bed

Relaxation Lifestyle Adjustable Bed

  • $884.07

The Relaxation Lifestyle Adjustable Bed is the best value for this product in Canada. The most expensive feature in the category and the most needed feature is 0 wall or wall hugging. This 0 wall feature keeps your nightstand beside the bed and not 3 feet behind you when you lift the head. Quite the mood killer to have to get out of bed to get your glass of wine or pills or TV remote. Quite the inconvenience to have to get out of bed to reach your pills or or glasses or book. To meet the Best Sleep Centre price the competition tells you you don't need "massage" and many customers easily agree; what they don't tell you is they are also taking away the wall hugging feature when they remove the massage.  We also sell the basic units with no massage and no wall hugging features but we also sell all the features you need for around a 1000 dollars less per side then the competition with all the features that make this product truly enjoyable in your home.  On to the massage. Its not a toy; its a wonderful feature and again any salesman who suggests you don't want it is trying to lower his price by removing a seaming innocuous feature without saying he is also removing a very necessary feature; 0 wall or wall hugging.  With the Restoration you get all the best mechanical features, warranties and a designer look for about the same price as our competitions most basic models.  It matters not where you live we service what we sell. In home for any electric bed we sell.   Enjoy.

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700-lb. Lift Capacity
This high-performance base easily lifts up to 700 lbs. total maximum weight, including the mattress.

2 Orkin Motors
One for each head and foot

Corded remote for life-long durability

70 degree head articulation lift

The very lowest priced quality lifestyle adjustable bed base in Canada. 


  • 1 year full parts and service warranty
  • 2 years full replacement and service warranty on motors
  • 3 year full replacement warranty on parts
  • 20 year limited replacement warranty on parts